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Square dancing has been an integral part of American social life for centuries.Square dancing sounds like something out of Little House on the Prairie, but in truth, square dancing has been a part of American entertainment for centuries.

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The process of creating square dance singing call figures begins in finding within yourself a new recipe, and sometimes that entails taking the same old figures that have been the basis for square dancing for the past several decades and expanding that foundation into something new, fresh, and innovative.

You can attend as a single and no special outfits are required.There are still elements of older square dancing (as 8 people, paired up, form a square).Modern square dancing shares in common with its origins a group of four couples, with each couple forming one of the sides.This resource is a video where an expert explains the modern take of modern square dancing and how it differs from the traditional one.We have a mainstream class from September to April and a plus workshop from May to September.

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Our Modern Western Square Dance sessions are geared to singles or couples, all ages, with NO square dance experience.

Modern Western square dance does not restrict the type of music played and is more all-encompassing, and therefore, is you witness such a dance you will notice that the music played is varied from pop to country to rock, musicals, contemporary music, and even techno, everything finds space in square dance music.Participants will learn and use muscle memory to successfully flow through the patterns of dance.At these community dances, Western swing and uptempo traditional country were often played -- it was all designed to get the patrons dancing.

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Kick up your feet, follow the calls, and have some old-fashioned fun in a dazzling square dance dress.Square Dancing is a folk dance which is truly American in origin, with historic and artistic value.

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The following is a list of these scheduled dances, and it was last updated as of the date at the top of this page.

A square dance is a dance for four couples (eight dancers in total) arranged in a square, with one couple on each side, facing the middle of the square.

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Music For Callers is an omnibus site listing music available from many labels specializing in square dance music.

Virginia RSARDA Richmond Modern Square And Round Dance Association, RSARDA Richmond Modern Square And Round Dance Association Calendar And Schedule, RSARDA Richmond.It may not be immediately obvious, but the caller (the unparalleled Ted Lizotte) is trying to kill the square.

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Subscription Dances are where dancers can sign up for, or renew their print subscription to The Modern Square.Back away to the corners of the square (4 steps) and turn one quarter to face original partners and walk forward to home (4 steps).Heads move forward into the square (4 steps), turning one quarter on the fourth step to face partners and back away to the sides of the square (4 steps).

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Learn Modern Western Square Dancing, and. Dance for the Health of it.

While European dance traditions like the French quadrille certainly informed the evolution of square dancing, the addition of the call-and-response form of calling out dance moves initially.

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American Square Dancing is combined with qualities of traditional style.

These can be found by looking in the paper or by looking in the phone book.Welcome to the Northeast Callers School located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.Whether attending a costume party or a genuine square dance meant to bring back memories of yesteryear, browse the large inventory on eBay for the perfect attire.

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Everyone wanted to square dance because it was a sign of American pride.It was the wishes of some that Modern Square Dancing should be investigated, and possibly started in the fall of 1973.

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This is This Square Dancing series was designed to assist you in recalling forgotten steps, in basic, Mainstream, Plus or Advanced.

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